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Our international team is comprised of highly experienced specialists

They have significant expertise in

  • Handling a wide variety of bacteria, including fastidious strict anaerobes such as Anaerostipes sp., Bacteroides sp., Clostridium sp., Eubacterium sp., Faecalibacterium sp., Roseburia sp., etc.
  • Process development for both drug substance and drug product, including upscaling, stabilization, and manufacturing of a wide variety of microbial strains.
  • Drug product formulation and delivery technologies for live biotherapeutic products, including pharmaceutical excipients and unique intrinsically enteric capsules
  • Developing and using analytical methods to follow up- and down-stream processes, strain characterization, and QC release of microbial products.

Through close collaboration with our customers, our team designs unique solutions to address modern health care challenges and introduce live bacteria as medical treatments.

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