Our origins

Operating with the agility of a start-up and the know-how of world-leading experts

Bacthera is a 50:50 Joint Venture of the two companies Novonesis and Lonza. Founded at end of 2019, Bacthera specifically serves the needs of the emerging Live Biotherapeutic Product industry. Bacthera might be a young company, but the team’s expertise and the capabilities of production of bacteria for pharmaceutical purposes was transferred by both parent companies to Bacthera right from the beginning.

In addition to Bacthera’s inherited know-how, Bacthera benefits from the general support of both parent companies on aspects like process technologies, access to a global manufacturing network and talents.

Based on the strong foundation of the two industry leading companies in their respective fields, Bacthera will develop into a leading expert for CDMO services in the Live Biotherapeutic Industry and will serve the young Live Biotherapeutic Industry with world-class CDMO expertise.

Flexibility & agility

Bacthera was intentionally founded as a lean and agile organization, that orientates itself on the working-mentality of a start-up. Combined with the 100% focus on the Live Biotherapeutic Product industry, Bacthera can address the needs of this young industry with tailor-made, fast executed and commercially attractive services and offerings. As we operate in a similar size as most of the market participants, we can grow together with our partners jointly towards the goal of a successful and well-established Live Biotherapeutic Product industry. We strongly believe in the collaborative value-creation of strategic partnerships, which we are aiming to enter with the key players of the Live Biotherapeutic Product industry.